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Heat Management

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Peltier-Controller QC-PC-CC-12

Peltier two level controller for simple application

I max = 30 A (Relais)

Delivery contents:
1 Controller
1 Sensor
1 unser manual
Technical specifications:
Voltage supply: 12VDC
Input power: < 2W
I max Relais: 30A
Control range: -50°C – 110°C
Control accuracy: 1°C abs.
Ad-sensibility: 0,1°C

Function Advertisement Adjusting
heating/cooling HC H/heating or C/cooling C H or C
Hysteresis d 1 to 15 5 1K
Set value lower limit LS - 50 to 100 -50 1°C
Set value upper limit HS - 150 110 1°C
Actual temperature offset CA -5 – 5 0 1K
start-up pause PT 0 - 10 1 1 minute