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Heat Management


Heatpipe Bending Service

Heat pipe bending express service

  • Prototypes 3 pcs. min.
  • Two-dimensional customized bended heat
    pipes on request.
  • Three-dimensional customized bended heat pipes on request.
Heatpipe gebogen
To bend heat pipes without loose heat transfer performance, assumes a lot of experience and sure instinct.

This process starts with selection of the correct fitting heat pipe, and the choice between groove type, mesh type or sinter type and the corresponding heat pipe diameter, to meet an optimal result.

Also the smallness of the bending radius is limited. As larger the bending radius is, as smaller the risk is for damaging the heat pipe and to loose heat transfer performance.

From customers sent drawings of bended heat pipes will be analyzed by QUICK-COOL and if nessesary QUICK-COOL develops alternative recommendation. The customer is asked to check this recommendations and to confirm that they fit with the customers request.

In case of medium and large quantities, contour tools have to be prepared with costs.
As far as the heatpipes are defined as stock types, the QUICK-COOL heat pipe bending express service can be engaged.

Additional for each project € 40,00 setup cost have to be payed..
Fundamental condition is a well-defined customer drawing according DIN.

Enquired three-dimensional bended heat pipes can be checked for their producibility, can be calculated and quoted.