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Heat Management

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Peltiercontroller QC-PC-D-CH1
Display QC-PC-D-CH1

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Display QC-PC-D-CH1

For Compact-Controller QC-PC-CO-CH1

Delivery content:
1 Display QC-PC-D-CH1
1 User manual
1 Connection cable
Technical specifications:
Dimension Display: outside: 55 mm x 40 mm
window: 47 mm x 27 mm
Supply voltage: 12VDC…24VDC
Digital output: open collector 10KΩ

The display extends the features of the controller, it serves the parameterization and the status indication of the Peltier controller QC-PC-CO-CH1.
Aided by this display all relevant control parameters can be adjusted to every tempering setup individually and written into the memory of the controller.
The current temperature of the tempered object as well as the nominal temperature can be read from the display immediately. Due to the intuitive symbolism it is possible to recognize the current control status with one look on the large screen.