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Peltiercontroller QC-PC-D-100
Display QC-PC-D-100

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Display QC-PC-D-100

For Compact-Controller QC-PC-C01H-100 and QC-PC-CO1-C

Delivery contents:
1 Display QC-PC-D-100
1 User manual
Technical specifications:
Dimension Display: 34mm x 19mm
Dimension board: ca.: 70mm x 50mm x 25mm
Temperature range: Cooling:-20°C…+50°C
Voltage supply: 10V…24V

The display QC-PC-D-100 has been developed to increase the convenience of the usage of the compact controllers QC-PC-C01C and QC-PC-C01H-100.
The display does not substitute a controller; it gets integrated into an existent control and enables the read out of the adjusted target temperature, the actual temperature as well as the mode of operation.
After the achievement of the adjusted target temperature an additional 5VDC signal (TTL) accompanied with a LED-indication gets switched.
Thereby you sustain the ability to integrate and switch external devices into the control. The device provides a background illumination, which gets activated after every keystroke and which duration is adjustable.